Ecommerce Case Study: Tarot Card Reading by Adrianne

The Objective
To design an ecommerce website with all the latest technologies, a unique design unlike any other Tarot Card Reading or Psychic website. Adrianne wanted an easy to use shopping cart with PayPal integration.

The Solution
Hemera developed a modern website for Adrianne with animation throughout. including shooting star backgrounds, falling flower petals animation. Hemera developed a Homepage slider with 2nd level image and video integration. A very sophisticated and unique mix of technologies. Hemera also place a speckle effect section below the Homepage slider which fit the website perfectly.

Developed for visitor engagement and lead generation Hemera added an Astrology Birth Report “call to action”.

The Results
Tarot Card Reading By Adrianne is relatively new to Hemera’s SEO services, and the have already seen a significant increase in visitors and revenue. Adrianne’s new website and SEO placed at the top of Google and Bing for many of the keywords related to Adrianne’s business. And the site continues to improve rankings ata fast pace. See live search results below.

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