Hemera Managed Pay-Per-Click Advantages

Hemera provides proven Pay-Per-Click campaigns for increased sales, generating more leads, brand awareness and increasing employee productivity. Pay-Per-Click campaigns can be difficult to understand or manage, and can quickly become quite costly. We take the risk out of running your campaign with an in-depth market analysis to determine the factors in developing a successful, cost controlled campaign.

PPC Advantages

Small Initial Investment
Google, Bing, and Yahoo (Yahoo is now a part of the Bing advertising network) do not charge anything to create a PPC campaign. You only pay each time someone actually clicks on your ad.

Set Your Own Budget
With PPC advertising, we can tailor campaigns according to your budget. Set daily, weekly or monthly budgets

PPC Advertising Levels the Playing Field
Even if your business is comparatively small you can compete with the largest corporations on a level playing field; it’s one of the most important benefits of a PPC campaign.

Instant Gratification
Because of the nature of PPC ads, you can be at the top of page one for the most important keyword phrases associated with your industry, product, and service.

A Fast Start
If your business is new to the market, your site has recently launched, or you just want people to be able to find you online, PPC has significant advantages. Although organic SEO is the best long-term option for any business, a top rank takes time. Consider PPC advertising as your channel to an immediate ROI.

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