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Keeping up with Google and remaining at the top of the search results, as well as competing nationally for your target market, means it is vital for web developers and business owners to stay in touch with changes made in the algorithms created by Google that control how your website will be ranked. Those who want to increase their internet presence and stay in touch with the market need to be aware of the constantly-changing technology industry.

Most websites rely on keywords and key-phrases to get to the top of the lists, but some of Google’s previous changes rendered those aspects, while still relevant, a little more obsolete. Now there are more critical factors in keeping your website ranked high, factors that all web developers, designers, and business owners need to research and keep in mind in order to stay ahead and remain successful.

As of later this month, Google will unveil yet another improvement in their search engine ranking algorithm, which will affect how your website will rank in the search engines, and some speculate that the upcoming overhaul will be just as extensive and game-changing as previous updates.

Is Your Website in Touch with the Latest Device and Search Patterns?

You can act now to prepare your website for these upcoming changes. One factor to keep in mind when ensuring that your website will rank high is more than just “responsiveness,” but also “mobile-friendliness.” Mobile devices have emerged as the key to staying in touch with customers and site visitors.

Making sure that your website caters to the search patterns of mobile users is a critical update for your site. It’s much more than just having a “responsive” theme. It’s also paying close attention to the difference between desktop searches and mobile searches.

Today, most online searches that are done via mobile devices happen in an environment with an available desktop or laptop. That means most consumers and internet users are using mobile devices to replace other devices. Ensuring that your website is mobile-user friendly goes beyond making sure your website is viewable across devices.

Quick load-time, essential content and code structure will also boost your chances of competing nationally for your consumers who are making their searches on the go. Being able to use a Smartphone or tablet anywhere is one of the key points to focus on when developing or upgrading a website.

Essential and relative content that engages viewers immediately is one of the most critical aspects of drawing your market to your site.

Using mobile devices on the go often means that users are looking for something quick and instant. If they don’t find what they are looking for immediately, they will simply scroll to the next link on the search engine, passing by your website.

With this new upgrade by Google, the public is still in the dark as to the specificity of modifications, it will probably be game-changing, so making sure that your content, load-time, and mobile-friendliness is up-to-date will be preparation for what could be another major renovation to how we find things on the internet.

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