General Website Development and SEO Questions

Common questions and answers

Are your SEO results guaranteed?
Yes! If you are dissatisfied with the results within the first 60 days, you receive 100% of your money back with no questions asked. This is written into the agreement.

How long before I see results and what does it cost?
It depends on a number of factors. Is your campaign local, regional or national? The level of competition for your product or service is also important. We may also need to consider where your site is currently ranking, if you have one.

Is this something I could do myself?
You can help with some of the tasks required, but there are others that are better left to us or someone with plenty of experience. For example, back end coding or programming of the site that directly relates to search engine optimization. This can include meta data, rich snippets, structured data, and more. It also includes the quality of the code writing itself. If there are mistakes in codes, Google will penalize you.

How long do your SEO programs last?
Because optimization is incremental, it takes time for your site to reach the top of search engines, we recommend 12 months of continuous SEO, during which time your site will become ranked at the top of search engines.

Do we ever stop doing SEO on my site?
No, Google penalizes sites that do not change or update information on a regular basis. Google and other search engines want dynamic sites, not static sites. However, most work is performed in the first 12 months, after which the cost and amount of time that needs to be spent on optimization decreases significantly.

Do you offer any type of reporting?
There are many different reporting programs available. We typically use tools like Google analytics, but if you have a preferred program we can configure that for you. New optimization statistics will be reported regularly.

How quickly can I have my site up and running?
In most cases, we can have your site ready for the initial unveiling in 3-4 days with basic content and functionality. However, more complex sites can require additional time.

How simple is it to get my site setup?
The initial setup doesn’t take very long. Most sites can be setup in a few days. Our clients often request designing a core site, then enhance and refine your site based on competitive analysis and feedback from customers.

Can I have my own domain name such as
Yes, providing the name you choose is available. Domain hosting is included with each account. You may either set up an existing domain or register a new domain for your site. Alternatively, we can complete the domain registration for you.

Do I get my own email accounts?
Yes, each account includes everything you need to communicate with your customers. This includes email accounts, forwarding and email aliases.

Can I change my site design at any time?
Yes, you are never locked into the design that you start out with. We can implement a design change at any time.

Can I upload images to my site?Yes, to upload images all you’ll need to do is log into your site editor. Hemera provides easy to use content management software to make simple changes quick and painless.

How many pages can I create?There is no limit to the number that you can create, however there are size limitations to the website database.


E-Commerce Questions

How do I set up my site to accept credit cards?
A merchant account is a bank or service account like PayPal that allows you to accept credit cards. The first step is to obtain a merchant account. To process transactions online you must have an account with an internet credit card processing gateway. The following gateways are supported: PayPal,, Link Point, Verisign and more.

Does your ecommerce plan include a shopping cart?
Yes, each ecommerce site includes everything you need to implement an online store. Each store includes a product catalog, integrated shopping cart, secure checkout and online order management.

What else is included in each ecommerce site?
In addition to the shopping cart, we provide you with a complete ecommerce admin training and environment. This includes a customer database, order history, order reports, product import, and full export capabilities.

How are orders processed on my site?
Orders are processed in a variety of ways. The options run from manually processing to complete automation with many options in between.

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